LPG, Propane, Butane Vaporizers

Tanks & Terminals, the best provider of NGL, LPG & GLP services in Pune , offers the largest selection of ‘best in class’ liquefied petroleum gas (LPG/Propane)/Butane vaporizers and propane/air blending systems to support effective commercial, industrial and utility gas consumption needs. 

It includes a variety of design options, utilizing both hot water and steam sources. We also specialize in turnkey skid-mounted options for an integrated solution requiring advanced controls and gas detections and any additional source required.  

At ambient pressures, the mixtures are at gaseous state but are stored in liquid form under pressure.    

In smaller operations, it is not a necessity as natural vaporization is enough to support the application but for large commercial operations, vaporizers are definitely required for the process to be carried smoothly. 

They are used to raise the temperature of liquefied propane/butane, for the transition of the state from liquid to gaseous. They are made to receive large volumes of liquefied petroleum liquid and then convert it into vaporized gas.  

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They are classified primarily into two categories: 

Direct Fired Vaporizers: They directly heat the propane that flows through a heat exchanger and relies on a small portion of vaporized propane. They also generally don’t require any electricity to work but are restricted to additional safety measures due to the open flame.   

Indirect Fired Vaporizers: These vaporizers rely on an intermediate source of heat, like steam or hot water in order to vaporize the supplied propane or butane.  

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Propane-Air, SNG Systems  

Tanks&Terminals also offers a full range of complete, all-in-one propane-air/SNG solutions with everything you need to receive and store LPG on-site as well as to vaporize and mix propane-air at the correct volume and pressure for your operations to create a proper natural gas substitute for your application.   

Standard and custom engineered offerings include standby fuel systems, peak shaving systems.  LPG power generation, and base load systems.  Learn more about our Propane-air/SNG solutions here.

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