Tanks & Terminals is the best supplier of new and used Storage skids in Pune.

Our portable Storage Skids are the perfect solution for immediate liquid storage need for sites with short-term or temporary storage needs.

These are the features of our Storage Skids:

  • Available in 45,000, 65,000 and 115,000 litre tank capacities
  • Integrated bulkhead allows for safe & efficient loading/unloading of MC-331 transports
  • All valving and piping compliant with NFPA 58 and AP 2510
  • Optional controls & metering
  • Optional integrated liquid pump or compressor
  • Full range of instrumentation options are available for enhanced system monitoring
  • Break-Away system automatically actuates Emergency Shut-Off
  • ASME Code Stamped, National Board Registered

Operations expected to expand?  Learn about our flexible, scalable NGL/LPG/GLP storage solutions.

Contact us today at (+91)20-30686722  to speak with one of our NGL/LPG/GLP stoage experts and find the best NGL/LPG/GLP storage solution to suit your needs.

Rapid Deployment.  Minimal Field Service.

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