Propane/LPG Fueled Cogeneration

Tanks & Terminals, the best supplier of NGL, LPG & GLP services in Pune, deals in Cogeneration or ‘Combined Heat & Power’, which is the most effective way to generate both electric power and useful thermal energy from only a solitary fuel source.

It turns out advantageous as it delivers both forms of energy output in one step rather than purchasing grid electricity and then use a furnace or a boiler to generate heat, rather than purchasing electricity from the grid and generating heat with an on-site furnace or boiler.

CHP facilities are mostly demanded by industrial users with heat or steam demands, such as refineries and process plants, with the majority of industrial CHP capacity found in the chemicals, petroleum refining, and pulp and paper industries.

Propane fuelled CHP systems have become an important provider of heat and electricity with much more efficiency and they also produce lower carbon emissions than the natural gases. We can say, it is a clean fuel.

One more factor that adds to their advantage is the fact that these systems can be installed anywhere easily. Having the feature to get easily liquefied under pressure, propane is put into storage tanks and cylinders that can be readily transported as LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) to end user customers by truck and rail.

LPG Storage Solutions for Propane Fueled CHP

Tanks&Terminals supplies complete LPG storage and transfer solutions to support propane-powered CHP operations. 

Bulk tank storage provides an ideal solution for supporting high levels of LPG comsumption.  Above-ground storage tanks are available in an array of sizes up to 120,000 gallons and for larger installations and terminals multiple tanks can be linked together to serve any need.  Underground tanks are also available.

We also offer custom engineered and turn-key solutions and services for LPG storage and transfer including new and used LPG storage tanks; custom vessel specification, design and fabrication; bulk plant and terminal design, engineering and construction; logistics coordination; field services including installation and training; maintenance, startup and commissioning services.

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