Synthetic Natural Gas Base-Load Systems

Tanks & Terminals, the best supplier of NGL, LPG & GLP services in Pune, also indulges in generation of Base load services. Base-load systems benefit rural regions the most as they provide synthetic fuels to these areas due to less availability of natural gas, due to lack of resources and infrastructure.  

These systems can be generally seen in upcoming natural gas markets and also established gas markets, as a ‘bridge’ fuel.

SNG is created by mixing of vaporized LPG with compressed air. The resultant mixture has more or less all the burning features of a natural gas, and also does not require any change in the burning equipment.

Fast Implementation

The implementation is fast and easy, as propane, can be easily pressurized and transported as a liquid (LPG) via truck or rail, and therefore does not need high maintenance and can be implemented much more readily.

For remote regions, SNG base-load systems provide aid for the use of low-cost, environmentally friendly LPG, regardless of the location.

Base-load synthetic natural gas systems typically consist of a vaporizer to convert liquid LPG to gas and a propane air mixer to blend the vaporized LPG with air.   Storage tanks for on-site LPG storage and truck unloading equipment in addition to a pump for moving LPG to the vaporizer are also required.

Tanks&Terminals offers complete, custom and turnkey SNG base-load system design and implementation, including engineering design, component delivery, construction, and full testing of your completed system.

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